About me

I started knitting at an early age, with my grandmother and mother helping me out a lot in the beginning, teaching me the basics. From then on I always enjoyed working with textile and I was always giving myself a new project, knitting scarves, beanies, jumpers and so on. That's how I got more familiar with the material, different stitches, patterns, types of wool. I got a lot of inspiration from books and later on the internets.

When I was doing my master's degree in arts in St-Lucas Ghent it was quiet on the knitting front for a while, but I then started to incorporate it in my work making neverending knitted cactuses or using the actual pattern of the knit stitch to make woodcarvings. After I finished school, I started to make my first teddies, in the beginning very small and basic, but after a while they got bigger and more complicated.