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My name is Elien Dauwe (the -ED part of stuff-ed) and I live in Ghent (Belgium). I studied Graphic design, visual arts and webdesign.
I work at Beshart (Antwerp), making websites, doing graphic design and all sorts of fun stuff.
I always liked working with textile, fabrics and wool and I have tried to integrate into my work.

Halfway 2009 I started making these small creatures and animals.
At first it was just for myself, but people kept asking me to make more and then it kinda expanded to what stuff-ed is now.

Each item or creature is handmade, unique and my own design.
Sometimes I use existing patterns, but I always transform them to something my own...

I work on commission if somebody wants knitted items for a project (like the 'meat-project') or just a custom item for a gift or just to keep for yourself.
If you are interested, just contact me using the contact form, mail me on info[at]stuff-ed.com or find me on facebook or twitter!